Perry E. Kaufman

Perry E. Kaufman


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  • 2003 – Bachelor of Science from University of Central Oklahoma
  • 1988 – Oklahoma City University College of Law
  • 1985 – Bachelor of Science from Oklahoma State University

Areas of Practice

Commercial and business litigation and insurance defense litigation, title matters, financial difficulties, environmental, computer issues and civil rights litigation

Admissions to Practice

  • United States Supreme Court
  • United States Court of Appeals 5th Circuit
  • United States Court of Appeals 10th Circuit
  • All State and Federal Courts in Oklahoma

Personal Information

Perry attended the Oklahoma City University College of Law, graduating in 1988. Hebegan in private practice for two and half years before being appointed to the Oklahoma SchoolLand Trust where he served as General Counsel to the Trustees which consisted of the Governor,Lieutenant Governor, State Auditor, Superintendent of Public Instruction and the President of theBoard of Agriculture. He was in private practice prior to joining the School Land Trust primarilyfocusing on commercial and business litigation and civil rights litigation.

Perry received his first Bachelor of Science from Oklahoma State University in 1985,focusing on political science and psychology. Perry received his second Bachelor of Sciencefrom the University of Central Oklahoma in 2003, for studies in computer science. This lastdegree helps significantly when handling the electronic discovery present in today’s litigation. Perry Kaufman’s practice focuses primarily on commercial and business litigation and insurancedefense litigation. Included in these matters are defense of clients being audited by Medicareaudits and Medicaid (Oklahoma Health Care Authority audits), both administratively andthrough the litigation of those matters if necessary.

He also represents clients in real property transactions and property title matters, financialdifficulties, environmental and civil rights litigation. He recently assisted the School Land Trustin purchasing the Sandridge Tower in downtown OKC and converting it into a Unit OwnershipEstate (condominium) and selling the floors of the tower to other State agencies, this transactionalso involved several land exchanges. Perry has an extensive background and educationconcerning electronic discovery and represents individuals and companies in complex litigationmatters.

Prior to returning to private practice and joining GPHG in 2009, Perry served as anattorney for the largest public trust in Oklahoma for 19 years, the Oklahoma School Land Trust,which manages over 700,000 acres of surface interests in real estate, and over 1.1 million acresof mineral interests. The trust also manages an investment fund consisting of several billiondollars invested in many diverse class investments, from hedge funds to bonds. The Trust had avery active commercial leasing program for which Perry negotiated hundreds of commercialleases. Perry sought to resolve lease and property boundary disputes without litigation ifpossible. It is always better to resolve an issue without having to resort to the courts if possible,especially a property dispute where you have to continue to deal with the other side on a dailybasis.

Perry is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, United States Courtof Appeals for the 5th and 10th Circuits, and all federal and state courts of Oklahoma.

Perry is a Senior Member of the Oklahoma City Gun Club in which he regularlycompetes in IPSC and 3-gun matches. Perry lives in North Oklahoma City with his wife, Sara,who is retired. Their son and his wife live in New York City where he runs several businesses.

Report Cases

  • In re Crook, 966 F.2d 539, C.A.10, (Okl. 1992).
  • Colorado Interstate Gas Co. v. State of Okl. ex rel. Com’rs of Land Office, 899 F.Supp. 564, W.D.Okl.,1992.
  • Apache Corp. v. State ex rel. Com’rs of Land Office, 845 P.2d 128, Okl.App.,1992.
  • TXO Production Corp. v. State ex rel. Com’rs of Land Office, 903 P.2d 259 Okl.,1994.
  • Helmerich & Payne, Inc. v. State ex rel. Com’rs of the Land Office, 935 P.2d 1179, Okl.,1997.
  • In re Tri State Outdoor Media Group, Inc., 283 B.R. 358, Bkrtcy.M.D.Ga.,2002.
  • Tinker Federal Credit Union v. AAAA Wrecker Service, 2016 OK CIV APP 38, 377P.3d 153 (2016)
  • Beason v. I. E. MILLER SERVICES, INC., 2019 OK 28, 441 P.3d 1107 (2019).
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